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I first got involved in Drupal back in 2006 when I wanted to build my own website, Stella Power Design, for selling my photos, ceramics and jewellery. I quickly realised that I needed some sort of CMS for handling the payment gateway and easy management of all my products. Drupal answered that need.

In the following months, I got more heavily involved in Drupal. My first module was Avatar Selection, which allows users to choose an avatar from an existing selection, instead of uploading their own.

It was quickly followed by the Frequently Asked Questions module. There was already a basic version available for Drupal 4.7.x but I completely rewrote it from the ground up for Drupal 5 and it now encompasses multiple question and categorised question layouts.

A few short months later, I ported the popular Lightbox2 module to Drupal 5. Since then I've added a whole host of new features, including slideshow and video support. I've also tried my best to provide easy integration with the various image display modules in Drupal.

Soon after, I ported the Ocadia theme to Drupal 5, which I was using for one of my friend's websites, Irlandia Ceramics. I haven't done much else in the way of theme development, but I hope to do more in this area soon.

More recently I've become co-maintainer on the Code Review and Shoutbox modules. These days, all my free time seems to be spent maintaining these few projects and running Stella Power Design, but hopefully I'll be able to give back even more to the Drupal community in the near future.

You can find out more about my Drupal involvement by browsing the links on my Drupal profile.