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United Kingdom

It's been two years since I started using drupal, how time flies when you're having fun! I use to be a lecturer before I returned to the real world, I'm only 33 before you make an image of me as a 50 year old smoking his pipe. I'm employed as a drupal developer in good olde london town, I love living in London, I don't love getting the underground tube trains on my way home from work. There's 3 web developers (who are also attending the conference, , ), including myself, who work for a publishing company. I've been to other drupalcons in the past, Brussels, Yahoo Silicon Valley, Barcelona, missed out on Boston but I'll be there for this one. My boss once described my role as a "special projects" developer. That's probably because most of the stuff I code in drupal tends not to be the usually stuff you might develop for drupal, i know there's some great modules out there, but there's nothing like the feeling of creating your own and it's even sweeter when the module actually works :-). The last module I created was to create gadgets for iGoogle, which creates xml content required by the gadget on a .xml MENU_CALLBACK ;-), the content for the gadget is taken from an sql statement that retrieves several nodequeues. You can see it in action here, look for the + Google button in the content at . That's just a very small module, I've also created some monster modules, i mean a lot of code.

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