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Passed 180 attendees, still a few days to take the 80 EUR tickets

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Fri, 06/27/2008 - 16:35.

We just passed 180 attendees today, which means we doubled in two weeks! We hope the signup rate keeps going since the 80 EUR discounted tickets will only last until Monday (inclusive) and we will switch to selling 120 EUR tickets from Tuesday. Those who decide soon get more benefits, since our room offers are also going fast, and it is less then a month before we need to close room bookings to avoid loosing money paying for rooms you will not take (we will sell conference tickets after that but not rooms or shuttle bus tickets).

So it is the time to wrap up your decision, choose a room (or tell us you will not book a room in our system at all) and pay for your choices. You get four days of conference, a bigger than ever unconference, lots of networking opportunities, a welcome party, a wine tasting, and the list just goes on...

We set out to help you come to this conference as affordably as possible, so we provide means for people to share travel to and from the conference and also to offer their rooms for cost-sharing.

Our sponsor offerings also continue to catch up, we are closing negotiations with several companies who offered sponsoring on all the different levels we announced. You will see the logos appearing on our website prominently soon! I'd like to give special thanks to the three attendees, who thought it is best to give back and buy a sponsor shirt: Erik Stielstra, Jürgen Brocke and Mohamed Nanabhay. We are looking forward to others contributing with this option as well.

If you already booked your ticket, and feel like helping out, there are a few (prospect) attendees, who are looking for financial help to come to Drupalcon Szeged. The list includes the Panels co-maintainer and a previous Drupalcon organizer. Helping out these fine folks would be money well spent for those supporting their Drupalcon attendance.

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Booked myself and three

Booked myself and three others for a very nice savings. : ) I think I registered for Barcelona only 2-3 weeks prior to the conference, so registering early saved me 320 EUR. Not too shabby!

Blogged about it and can't wait to see you all in Hungary! We're really excited about our mini-vacation in Budapest... Kudos to the organizers for the excellent support I received during registration.

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Wow, you keep close track of

Wow, you keep close track of those bios, Gabor =) I'm all set now on travel, but thanks for putting the note out there!

~ The aforementioned Panels co-maintainer :)

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Great, good to hear.