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Attendee sort options

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Submitted by Cary Gordon on Tue, 07/29/2008 - 01:53.

Would it be possible to get some view/sort options for attendees? As the roster grows, it will make it easier to find people.

It will also make it easier to see who needs some prodding...



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Sort on country

Yes, I would really like to see an attendees list view from which country somebody is coming from. So we can communicate before, meet in Szeged and maybe meet up more after Drupalcon. This is also interesting for companies..

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I gave in

This sounds like a simple improvement, but adding in the country breaks the layout, since it introduces multiple line displays for country additionaly to name and organization, which we had before. Thus it makes it confusing to pick which line says which information. So I added some tricks with sizes and colors to fix the confusion, but could not solve it with the vertical layout, so needed to switch to a horizontal layout instead. Not sure it was worth it to change the look and feel of the attendee listing, and I could not make out a vertically centered solution for attendee pictures, but otherwise the attendee page finally shows countries, and might even look a bit better. This will enable you to find country-mates.

I'll go back and work on "on the ground" stuff, to ensure a high quality conference, and would not go into implementing even more country widgets. Hope you understand that.

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Thank you very much! this

Thank you very much! this works also, great job! looking forward to the venue.