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Problematic Sponsor banner

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Submitted by kika on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 14:17.

Is it only me but recently added semi-transparent sponsor banner on bottom of this site renders the lower part of the site unusable: the content below the transparent portion on the banner is unclickable. Using OSX FF 3.0 final.

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It is not only you. We did add the extra padding at the bottom of the page to allow for scrolling down as much to see and click all the page. Do you think the banner causes as much inconvenience that we should remove it and replace it with a simple block based banner? (Would be great to hear what others have to say).

We certainly intend to give the best to our sponsors, and a banner which blocks the page and is not favored by our attendees fires back enough that we should not pursue it.

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cut some corners

We cut some corners (literally) and dropped some flowers and decoration from the banner to make it more constrained in its height. Now covers much less vertical space and should be a lot less intrusive. It still blocks the page up to the height of the sponsor logos block, but there are flowers in most of the space there, so that would be most probably expected by users.

Thanks for the heads up and let us know if you have more tips on how we can improve on this!

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Putting it in a block

Personally I think it should be in a block. Alternatively, how about being outside the content region or having the flowers in a separate so that stuff above the top of the flowers but below the top of the rotating banner is clickable. Or, fill up the whole space (maybe make the flowers white and the background blue). The problem is that the white space gives the user the impression that they can click in it, when they really can't.

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slowed my machine to a crawl

I may be the only user of Konqueror here. Visiting this site made my computer virtually unusable. When it finally processed my click to close the window things went back to normal.

So I'll browse this site only in firefox, as long as that banner is there. Even as I type, I notice the cursor flickering akwardly while that banner does its thing.

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I tried again with

I tried again with konqueror. Well, it takes some resources, but just the same as firefox do.
Are you usig kde4?

Gentoo Base System release
Konqueror 3.5.9

Javascript debugging is enabled in konqueror?

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konqueror 3.5.9

Also using Konq 3.5.9 on gentoo. AMD64.

Javascript debugging is on. That might exacerbate things. I'll keep using firefox for this site in any case.