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BoF forum?

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Submitted by mixel on Fri, 05/23/2008 - 16:38.

I would like to open a discussion for a possible BoF. Should I do it here or will there be a separate forum for BoFs?

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We are going to have a BoF submission system along the session submission system, so people can schedule BoFs online (which should provide a better experience then the chaotic whiteboard, even though it will not be as viral looking :). Enabling comments on all session submission nodes will be one thing we could just as well do to help foster community feedback on suggestions. That said, until we open the submission system (which is hopefully not far away), feel free to discuss in the forums.

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security session

I would like to see a session about security, because I and probably many other Drupal developers have only basic knowledge about security.

easy examples of insecure code
think like a hacker. show the method how it can be exploited. SQL injection, cross site scripting
real examples of security problems in contrib modules
how to deal with security problems
and anything else about the security

I hope someone can present such session, or at least do a BoF meeting with the security team..