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the price of a pint in szeged

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Submitted by mortendk on Sun, 07/06/2008 - 17:32.

i just found this price guide
and if thats true then an avarage pint of beer in szeged is €0.97 wooho :P - man thats almost free beer!

So I was wandering if any of the locals could put together a guide of the beers you have to avoid in szeged?.
Local good pubs (good social hangouts), Breweries etc

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living costs FAQ

We have a few sample prices in our FAQ in the living costs section. Our estimates were:

Beer prices are steady, in general you can get a 0.5l "korsó" for around 300-500 HUF (~€1.20 - €2 and ~$1.90 - $3.20), a 0.3l "pohár" for around 160-300 HUF (~€0.6 - €1.20 and ~$1 - $2.10).

(More about wine, dinner, etc in the FAQ). I also hear that there might be a bar/restaurant guide under preparation, but Áron Novák is the one to be asked about it.