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I'm an assistant and PhD student at "Vrij universiteit Brussel". My teaching is about web development & databases (where Drupal stands central), the research is about creativity and innovation (management & cognitive). For more detail and my blogs see

My main interest in Drupalcon is to organize research with Drupal (see BoF submission). It is the intention get researchers more organized around Drupal and help the Drupal community for its long term plans.

prior involvement
From a research project I've added several code to Drupal CVS (see adaptive-context) but never made a module from it. It hasn't been updated in 2008 dual to other activities.

I've helped co-organizing Drupalcon Brussels 2006 and been involved in local (Belgium) Drupal event.

I'm teaching Drupal in a state-of-the-art course. It has been running in beta-mode for the last two years and will be launched next year as "Web Service Development For Business". My students learn Drupal, from installing to coding modules to deploy it for a business opportunity. I'm also using Drupal for my Database course (SQL and normalization), it is really good for it.

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Vrij Universiteit Brussel