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URGENT: Er... where'd the schedule go?

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Submitted by katbailey on Sun, 08/10/2008 - 02:52.

Hey all,
just want to make sure you're aware of a problem with the schedule page: it's empty. The sessions are no longer showing up there.


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known sync problem

This is due to temporal problems. We are caching the schedule, and whenever there is a change in the program (someone updates a session node), the cache is regenerated. Since there are multiple dbs, some might still be in syncing, and provide an empty dataset. At least this is my theory. We will watch the issue, and look into how it can be fixed. It is a temporal issue and should be fixed, whenever a new node is updated.

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Schedule print-friendly

Hello there! Can you make the schedule printer friendly?
(because now its only 1 table on 1 page and the rest is not there...). I have copy and paste it into word and then print it...but don't have the nice background now... thanks and Congrats on your wedding!

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We are working to have a printer friendly layout of that page. Will see how it goes with different browsers.

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please try

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kind of fixed

I made the issue even more transient by not caching the program table if the data comes out empty. So it still might come out empty, but will fix itself sooner once reloaded.