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List of attendees?

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Submitted by webchick on Thu, 06/12/2008 - 00:32.

Now that people can start registering, it'd be neat to see a list of attendees on the site somewhere. :)

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What about making this list hidden to non-registered users?

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Non-registered as in not payed yet?

This list was used before to drive more people to register. If they see that wow, lots of the well known faces will be there as well as peers like them, they are more likely to register. So it is a very good source of marketing for the Drupalcon. If we make that all hidden, it would be a loss of this superb helper unfortunately.

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Non-registered at the site (payed or not) but I agree that seeing well known faces is a great marketing tool.

Brrrr, I guess I'll have to tell my boss I will be conected those days too ;)

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as soon as it makes sense

There are really the early birds registering now, so showing off with "these dozen people come to Drupalcon" might not be a good idea right now :) As soon as there is any substantial interest (eg. we go into the "tens of people" at least :), we are planning to publish the list. Same applies for people who intend to share rooms (although that one obviously has a lower threshold to go live). Our upcoming post should fire up substantially more interest :)

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Please publish list now...

I don't see any reason to hold back from publishing the list of people that have:
1. Registered on this site.
2. Registered for the conference.
3. Paid for the conference.

And right now.

If you keep them hidden then it only says that you have something to hide. So, take a deep, deep breath and open up my friend. ;-)

You're doing a great job. Keep it up...

Cheers Daniel

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relax ;)

We have nothing to hide :) We'd like to have a twist on the list of people registered, so it takes a bit of time to do the list the way we have in mind. Please be just a bit more patient.

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I see them now! Thanks!

Looks great. :-)

Can I ask how many people have registered on this site but not yet paid?

And do you have any plans to list those type of people?

Cheers Daniel

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Users registered on this site did not agree to any terms of personal information handling, and there was no assumption on neither of the users or on our part that we would list all user accounts on the site. So I would not go farther then listing the attendees themselves. FYI, the current user count is 558 and the current registrant count is 104.

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Off course, I didn't mean to hide anything, just that the people who want to see that list must be registered to the site.

It's a way to know how many people is interested in attending to the conference.

Anyway, we love GPL and we have open source lists :)

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up now

Although we did not have time to do some of our planned twists (still on the todo :) here is our automated attendee list:

Shows we have 90 people signed up (although 31 of them are still in an ongoing payment transaction either in group payment or wrestling with wire transfers/paypal).

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Bio fields...

Any chance of getting a website URL field on our bios so we can link to our homepages?

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Even though we tried to keep simplicity in mind with all of our changes, the bio field list is already quite long with the invoicing, shuttle bus, etc. details included. We did include a free form bio field, which is filtered to make links clickable (or it not, then that's a bug). Feel free to include your home page URL there. We would not use the home page link in overviews or listings I know of, so *we* don't need it as a standalone field.

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I would like to see the attendees list categorized, based on which country somebody is coming from. So we can communicate before, meet in Szeged and maybe meet up more after Drupalcon. This is also interesting for companies.. Is this possible?