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Sponsors are blocking my bio page!

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Submitted by gaele on Thu, 07/17/2008 - 00:44.

I'm on Firefox 3.0/Ubuntu. The transparent part of the sponsor overlay at the bottom is blocking the lower half of the buttons on my bio page.

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if you have firefox, then you must have firebug also. so it should take you 5 seconds to find and hide the given element..

think like a web developer :)

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Nuke Anything

"Right click > Remove this object" will take you 1 second. That's not the point though..

think like a usability expert :-)


min-height: 157px;

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Bug report

Thank you for reporting this bug, and especially for the fix. I will make sure it will work by tomorrow.

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+1 to the bug report. I

+1 to the bug report. I just ended up tabbing down to the submit button. :)

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still experimental

I turned this off again, since we received other bug reports about it. Will get the guys to work on it more to fix these issues.

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We fixed a few issues which popped up and redeployed the banners. Let us know if it still causes problems for you. We are testing in FF 2, FF3, Safari 3 and different versions of IE.

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And also with Opera and

And also with Opera and Konqueror.