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Enterprise Adoption of Drupal - Architecture Matters

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Submitted by smattoon on Wed, 08/20/2008 - 18:00.
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08/28/2008 - 16:00 - 08/28/2008 - 16:45

In this roundtable format we'll discuss the unique challenges of penetrating the enterprise IT market for CMS. An architectural approach is essential to overcoming these challenges. We'll discuss our experiences in delivering solutions in large enterprises and try to identify a handful of architectural best practices for positioning Drupal as the right choice.


Technology adoption patterns within large enterprises are complex and often focus on risk mitigation over value creation and agility. Breaking out of this trap and presenting Drupal as ready for the enterprise requires some knowledge of Enterprise Architecture. We'll discuss experiences using different techniques such as

* Requirement Analysis
* Decomposition
* Modeling
* View point hopping
* Benchmarking
* Running Proof-of-Concepts

As a jumping off point, we'll reference certain tools and studies sponsored by Sun Microsystems for benchmarking and designing Drupal architectures.


Attendees will meet others interested in enterprise adoption of Drupal, and can build the community focused on this market. Ideally, a set of best practice architectural approaches to positioning Drupal in the enterprise will come out of this session.

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Enterprise Adoption

as enterprise architect I think about an open source alternatives for SAP content management solutions.
Can we integrate Drupal with SAP ERP ?
I think about :
1) Content access from SAP front-end - SAP ArchiveLink for Drupal CMS
2) Content access from portal - Drupal webservices and Composite Applications in SAP Enterprise Portal,

Has anybody some experience in that area ?

Regards from Wroclaw, Poland
Krzysztof Ziemba, CDIA+

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Are you planing to share the slides?