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A Roadmap for Mapping: GIS on Drupal in 2008 and Beyond

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08/28/2008 - 11:00 - 08/28/2008 - 12:00
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<p>Brandon Bergren is a senior GIS and Drupal developer with the Chicago Technology Cooperative. His skill set includes PHP, Javascript, and AJAX development with a focus on GIS technologies. He is the lead developer on the popular Gmap and Location modules used for Drupal mapping sites. Brandon is based in Canton, SD.</p> <p>Jim Craner is the managing partner of the Chicago Technology Cooperative. As a consultant and project manager, he works on a variety of website and web application projects for nonprofit and community organizations. Jim has several years of experience working on nonprofit tech projects and open source advocacy in the nonprofit sector. He is based in Chicago, IL.</p> <p>Rebecca White is a PHP and GIS developer with the Chicago Technology Cooperative. Before joining CTC, she performed web development and GIS as an Americorps VISTA member. Rebecca is based in Maine.</p>


This session will be presented by the maintainers of the Location and GMaps modules. Updated, stable versions of these modules will be released this summer, and we will talk specifically about the capabilities of these modules. We will also address the roadmap for growing these modules into a broader GIS/mapping platform for Drupal.


  • GMap and Location updates--stability, new features, api features
  • current GIS/Mapping capabilities with GMap and Location--what we can do with Drupal right now
  • GIS/mapping platform goals--what we want to be able to do with Drupal
  • technical roadmap--a clear technical plan to meet those goals


The goal of this session is to engage people with the current evolution of Drupal mapping by sharing what is currently possible, and to get community buy-in on Drupal as a GIS/mapping platform by presenting a clear set of goals for the near future.


The State of Geospatial in Drupal:

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