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Summer of Code Showcase

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Submitted by webchick on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 15:15.

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08/29/2008 - 09:00 - 08/29/2008 - 10:30
Conference booklet summary and bio
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Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program in which Google awards stipends to students who successfully complete an open-source coding project during the summer. Drupal has participated in this program since its inception in 2005, yielding several high-profile contributors and code that continues to be used to this day. This session will showcase the work of Drupal's 21 Summer of Code students during the 2008 Google Summer of Code. Students and mentors will demonstrate the various projects completed over the summer. These include: * Many improvements to core, such as a new Aggregator module, Search module improvements, a revamped Color module, a new Help system, and a module download management system. * Improvements to the Apachesolr module as an alternative to core's Search. * Bookings API which provides a flexible framework for managing allocation of resources. * Document Import Module which provides the ability to turn office documents into nodes. * Views module improvements, including the ability to embed Views on external sites, and export Views in a variety of data formats such as XML and JSON. * Icon module, which provides an API for loading in icon packs for use in Drupal themes. * Image manipulation GUI for annotating images with overlayed text and shapes. * The Memetracker module, which attempts to analyze website content in order to "bubble up" interesting content in an automated way. * Add-on modules for NodeQueue to support User and OG smartqueues. * External service integration such as OAuth and OpenID Attribute Exchange. * A security scanner for SimpleTest, to automate checking for XSS and other vulnerabilities on a Drupal site. * The Usability Testing Suite which provides support for in-the-field usability testing on any Drupal site. * The Validation API module which allows custom validation routines to be placed on any form field through the UI.
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This session will consist of a large panel of Summer of Code students (both new contributors and veterans alike) as well as high-profile community members who've acted as mentors and administrators for the program.


This session will show off the results of Drupal's Google Summer of Code 2008 projects. Students who make it to Drupalcon will be demoing their own projects, and we'll also show off projects from the students who can't be there.

The following projects will be shown during the course of the session, as time permits.


This session will allow Summer of Code students to show off their hard work, and for the Drupal community to get a first-hand look at all the cool stuff that was produced over the summer. Summer of Code students typically make excellent employees as well, for those looking to hire. ;)


NOTE TO ORGANIZERS: I put down "90 minutes" because that'd be a much more comfortable time frame during which to show off 21 projects. But every other year we've managed to do it in 60, so if 90 minute slots are short, you can push the time allotment back.

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Growing Drupal

I would like to put this session for the Growing Drupal track, where we were planning to invite Angie to speak on GSoC.

Unless we want to have a separate session on "how to joun DROP / GHOP / GSoC."

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Er. I'm Angie. :) Do you mean Leslie?

If so, sure, I think that'd be a great lead-in to this. But then we definitely need the full 90 minutes -- 15-20 minutes on "What's SoC, etc." from Leslie, and then 50-60 minutes for demos, then some time for questions.

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I didn't know Leslie was planning to attend. Using 'Angie' there was trying to say to other track chairs "I know who webchick is and we are hoping to put her in our track."

Note: IIRC, webchick does not want to do two GSoC panels, so we need to figure out what topics are most important.

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Leslie Hawthorn

I've asked Leslie a couple of times about coming to the conference, but sadly she doesn't have time. Of course I encourage you to ask her as well. Maybe if enough people pester her (but not in a way that makes her have even less time, because that would be counter-productive) she might be able to find time? :)

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Tony Narlock's full

Tony Narlock's full presentation: