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What is SimpleTest? and SimpleTest Automator: Automated Automated Testing

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Submitted by cwgordon7 on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 21:35.


Now that we have SimpleTest in core, the obvious step still remains: writing thousands of tests to completely cover Drupal core. But writing automated tests can take time, and with the sheer quantity of tests that need to be written, writing them manually is not altogether practical. The SimpleTest automator module aims at speeding up the test-writing process by allowing you to create tests entirely through the user interface.


* What is this ugly SimpleTest thing doing in my Drupal core?
* How do you write a SimpleTest?
* What is SimpleTest Automator?
* What's the point of using it?
* What are its limitations (if it even has any)?
* Everyone will create and submit a test using the SimpleTest Automator.


By the end of this session, you should have basic knowledge of what testing is, feel comfortable using the SimpleTest Automator module to assist you in writing automated tests, and have already contributed one or more tests created using the SimpleTest Automator module.


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Additional information

At the start of this session do you think it would be beneficial to start with an introduction to what Simpletest is? Also another 5-10 minutes of how to write a simpletest manually? I don't think that a lot of people are fully aware of what Simpletest is and it seem as those that is currently a prereq for this session.

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Catch and I actually discussed this before, so I guess I'll add this to the session description, as there seems to be an interest.

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looking forward to the session.