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Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 17:59.

Drupalcon Szeged is going to host four days of sessions, organized into four tracks, in four parallel rooms. Each track is chaired by field experts, who know Drupal but are also reaching out to new frontiers in their areas. From the 10th grade student to senior architects and programmers, this group covers lots of angles. I am here to tell you, that after considerable time debating what to cover in each track, they are ready to present you the mission statements for each track and focused ideas on what each track will cover. If you have expertise to share in any of the areas, feel free to submit sessions for one of the tracks.

Drupal core, contributions and trends is chaired by Balázs Dianiska (snufkin), David Strauss, Nathaniel Catchpole (catch) and Peter Wolanin (pwolanin). Code development is overseen by Doug Green, Florian Lorétan (flobruit), Károly Négyesi (chx), Matt Butcher and Moshe Weitzman. Showcases, user experience and design is chaired by Konstantin Käfer (kkaefer), Thomas Moseler (eigentor), George DeMet and Shannon Lucas. At last, but absolutely not least, Growing Drupal is chaired by Ken Rickard (agentrickard), Charlie Gordon (cwgordon7), Joel Farris (Senpai) and Eric Gundersen.

I am thrilled that we managed to attract this volume of talent, and I am sure we will see a very compelling program coming with their help.