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cvs for beer

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Submitted by mortendk on Tue, 08/12/2008 - 14:03.

Im gonna bring a 6 pack of carlsberg larger (the local brewery) with me to szeged, and the geek who will take me in the hand and walk me through the fine art of cvs and maintaining a module in d5 & d6 will be the lucky owner.

Hows that for bribery?

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I second that - I'll bump up the beer quota, and you can probably use our hotel wireless, and maybe... oh wait - Morten I don't think we have a pool!! agh.

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I'll throw in a bottle or two of our finest local fruit based liquor (best served chilled).

Maybe someone should organize a BOF...anyone?

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Snap! I'd be all over

Snap! I'd be all over that... Unless you wanna learn it from the command line where I'm still green. Do you have anything against Smart CVS?

I'm sure I can get Lyle to pitch in, too. : D

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I'm on it

Alrighty, I'll get a BoF session started. I guess every man has a price, and mine is measured in beer.

If anybody wants to add to the knowledge pool, I can add you as co-maintainers or whatever. I'd call it a "panel of experts" type, but I don't want to lie about myself like that. ;)

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could this include

could this include versioning of Drupal config from the database?

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I'm pretty good with CVS on

I'm pretty good with CVS on Windows with TortoiseCVS. If I'm free I'll come along and share, but I run on red wine rather than beer :)

On the mac I've yet to find a decent client. Or ANY client in fact that doesn't look like b0rkware.

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Save yourself the pain

... and learn a fun VCS like Bazaar instead


Bazaar can actually import CVS repositories.

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yup but that will still not

yup but that will still not help us who have projects that we wants to contribute to the drupal community (and use the update status modulet etc. )

Personally i would give 2 * 6packs if i could run all my stuff in svn instead.
But that dosnt matter at this time, cause everything in drupal runs cvs - and we can bitch & moan over it from now and until Drupal 9 is getting released