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BoF: Porting contrib modules to D6.x

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Submitted by demeester_roel on Sat, 06/28/2008 - 15:59.


Drupal 6 is out now for almost 5 months, but a lot of modules haven't been ported to D6. Yet people seem to screaming for them and with cck and views 2 almost being ready, maybe it's time to join forces and help out other contrib module maintainers.


  • This is an all-day code hacking session !
  • Introduction on porting. What, Why and How?
  • Agenda of the day. How will we succeed
    • Choosing the modules

    • Get help
    • Contribute patches
  • We expect to port 1 module for every 2 attendees


Although it's nice that all attendees will become known as experts in drupal module porting, our ultimate goal is to get as many modules ported by the end of the day.


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It sounds like a good idea...

...but I really think one of the most useful areas to cover would be porting modules that rely on Views and CCK for use with Views 2 and CCK 3 (or whatever it is). These seem to be the two biggest upgrading issues for module developers that rely on either/both of these, given the sparse documentation for the upgrade process. Maybe we could even do some work on the documentation during the session?

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