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Testing, part 2: Awesome testing party!

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Submitted by webchick on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 15:51.

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08/28/2008 - 09:00 - 08/28/2008 - 10:30
Conference booklet summary and bio
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Welcome to an experiment in community swarming. The Awesome Testing Party is a place where both new and established Drupal contributors alike can come together to learn how to write automated tests hands-on, with the Drupal community's testing experts on-hand to provide one-on-one guidance. If you know /any/ PHP at all, you can benefit from this session. But if you know PHP well enough that you're developing your own modules, you should /definitely/ come to this session. Because you know the pain of spending hours clicking on forms manually to confirm your edge cases are working, and the constant fear that the next line you change is going to break something else somewhere deep in the system. Automated tests hold the key to your restored sanity, and who better to learn from than the Drupal Testing Brigade? :) We will begin by breaking the attendees up into pairs. After a brief recap on how testing is done (attend the "Intro to Testing" session for the whole scoop), each pair will go to the front of the room and grab a note card. The card will have an issue node ID on it which will correspond to a test that needs writing. Sit down with your partner and start hacking, using the provided "cheat sheet" as a guide. Testing experts will be on hand to answer questions if you get stuck. When you're finished, submit your test as a patch, and run up and grab another card. While you work on your next test, a testing expert will review your work. If it passes the muster, you get another card when you're done. We repeat this process until there are no more cards left. How many cards can /you/ collect? ;) At the end, we'll have some "special" prizes for the pairs who did the best job. This session presents a great opportunity for people new to the contributing process to learn how it works, for experienced contributors to lend guidance and mentorship to new contributors, and for everyone to learn about automated testing in an easy, fun environment. Come one, come all!
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This session will be led by prominent members of the "Drupal Testing Brigade," including Sam "sdboyer" Boyer, Angela "webchick" Byron, Nat "catch" Catchpole, Charlie "cwgordon7" Gordon, Florian "flobruit" Loretan, Károly "chx" Négyesi, and Damien "DamZ" Tournoud. These community members are some of the most prolific leaders of Drupal's testing and QA efforts.


So now that you understand the basics of testing, it's time to put that knowledge to the test (heh, heh) -- and win awesome prizes!

This session is a working session for all developers to come and have fun writing tests. If you know any PHP, this session is for you!


* All attendees break into pairs.
* Hand-outs with testing instructions will be provided, and experts on hand to run around answering questions.
* Index cards are provided with a list of Drupal core functions on them that lack tests.
* Run up, grab a card, sit down and write a test with your partner.
* When it's done, submit a patch, grab another card.
* Dorky prizes will be given away for things like most tests written, most well-written test ;), craziest function that had to be tested, etc.


The goal of this session is to provide a fun environment for people to learn the ropes of testing and contributing to core, to work directly with some of the big names in the Drupal community, and possibly to even get some actual work done! ;)


While not mandatory, you'll have an easier time in this session if you're familiar with the basics of testing. Luckily, Testing, part 1: Intro to testing will give you all the tools you need. :)

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This is AWESOME!!!

Ok everyone, this is definitely going to be awesome!

As a wise person once said,
$this->banana = $banana;

Likewise, this is going to be crazily AWESOME!!! That is all.

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Can't wait! Come everyone, come!

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i'll be there. sounds like

i'll be there. sounds like fun.

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Looks like fun. Hopefully

Looks like fun. Hopefully allot gets done.

-I won't be able to attend.