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Submitted by add1sun on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 17:48.
Session time: 
08/28/2008 - 15:00 - 08/28/2008 - 15:45


This workshop is for anyone interested in making video tutorials. Many folks like learning by seeing and my goal is to cover the web with Drupal tutorials. I'll be going over how I make my videos and various tips and tricks. I'd really like other folks to bring their experiences on different platforms and share lots of video ideas and help each other out. We'll also talk about what videos are already out there for Drupal and how to add yours to the mix.


- What software to use?
- Resources, tips and tricks.
- What material to cover.
- How to get your video up on the web.
- See if we can record a few during the BoF!


Give anyone interested in making videos some help getting started and provide a venue for existing videocasters to share knowledge.


If you would like to play along and/or record your own video you should have a laptop, preferably with screen capture software installed already. You can see a list of some popular software for various platforms along with some basic recording tips at

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nice session idea

This is really interesting, looking forward to it.

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I'll be there! I'm

I'll be there!

I'm interested in demonstrating my video module.

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Rough notes

I took some very very rough notes during the session. Here's the dump of them so that they exist somewhere other than my computer.

VideoCasting Notes

• op_video -- module to convert video into flash movies
• drupal dojo -- (largely defunct now) live, online lessons with screensharing
• less than 10 minutes -- never more than 15 minutes
• just get the video out and let people use it!
• record video and then go back and add the audio afterwards
• be really specific in your video. show only one task -- you don't need to give the /whole/ picture
• record all audio at once (gives the same tone)
• check for background noises (e.g. the air conditioner)
• stop the mouse from moving to allow for a video pause (but continue talking to give more explanation)
• write on the screen to supplement words
• record a blank space at the beginning to have an intro (same with an outro)
• use big fonts
• vimeo -- 500MB/week
• embed video module (upload video to and then incorporate back into)
∘ media action
∘ navigate to the page where you want to add your video
∘ add child page
∘ don't embed the video (d.o will filter out)
∘ just provide a link to the uploaded video
∘ if you're part of the doc team you can add a screenshot of the video
• storage API -- check other modules by the op_video. e.g. Amazon S3