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Sessions and BoFs, download slides and videos

The session submissions presented below were suggestions sent in by the community. The conference had four focused tracks, and the track chairs selected and managed the final session list for each track. The birds of a feather track was self-organized, so there were no track chairs to work with there.

Here you can download all the session slides we could get and videos we could produce on the sessions. If you happened to hold a BoF or a session, but you did not give in your presentation yet, please get in contact with us.

Session trackSession submitter
TitleSubmitterTrackYou votedsort iconSlidesRecording
Usability Sprint V4 Jeff Noyes
Magyarországi Drupal Konferencia megbeszélés István Palócz
Guitar Module Showcase Florian Loretan
Casetracker / ticketing Simon Hobbs
French User Group Meetup Ori Pekelman
Collective funding and development for Drupal projects Abdullah Bakhach
Hacking Climate Change with Drupal and the Semantic Web (roadmap to the semweb) David Petersonhacking_climate.pdf | Hack Climate Change .pdf
Usability Sprint Day 3 - Node Form Group Jan Krummrey
Usability Sprint Session #2B Jeff Noyes
Looking behind, good and bad Gábor HojtsyMakingOfDruplconOrg.pdf
DrupalCon Germany 2009 Konstantin Käfer
Drupal + Solr = Love Alexandru Badiusolr-presentation.pdf
Bringing Semantic Web to Drupal Jure Cuhalev
Microformats in Drupal William Lawrence
Cesko - Slovenske Stretnutie / Czech - Slovak user meeting Jozef Toth
CiviCRM survivors Joachim Noreiko José San Martin
Hacks Happen Amanda Giovanni
Web Application Canonicalization, Encoding and Transcoding Attacks Amanda Giovanni
Cross-Site Request Forgery: The Sleeping Giant of Website Vulnerabilities Amanda Giovanni
Demo: developing rich ajax drupal components with no coding Yaron Ben-Yehuda
Enterprise Adoption of Drupal - Architecture Matters Scott Mattoon
Drupal Efficiency: Coding, Deployment, Scaling with NetBeans, DTrace, Zones, ZFS, and Scott Mattoon
Front End Drupal - the book! Emma Jane Hogbin
The Fine Art of Maintaining Multiple Branches in CVS Lyle Mantooth
RDF storage back-ends David Strauss
Mapping with Drupal and Mapnik Jeff Miccolis
Facebook Application Hackathon Dave Cohen
bzr - The Bazaar source revision control system Lenz GrimmerDrupalCon-BazaarIntro-2008-08-29.pdf
übercart pricing modification battleplan mortendk !
Acquia Introduction – How Acquia Is Working to Improve Your Drupal Experience, and Your Customer’s too Jay Batson
Usability Research Recommendations (based on usability study findings) Jeff Noyes
Rasmus Lerdorf keynote - Simple is Hard Rasmus Lerdorf
How to get a themer to call you the morning after. mortendk !
The future of imagecache javascript crop Kristof De Jaeger
drupaleo - talent growing and hiring for drupal Peter Zoellneraug_28_2_BoF_Share_and_Enjoy_Druapleo_Peter Zoellner.pdf
Drupal in the Cloud Ethan Fremen
Indexes and denormalization: keys to scaling sites with massive content David StraussIndexes and DNA.pdf
Patching core for performance David Strauss
Google and Open Source, with Highlights from GSoC and GHOP Leslie Hawthorndrupalconszeged2008_.pdf
Drupal'n'Go / Drupal For Good Code Sprint Ori Pekelman
Drupal and the Semantic Web: the Neologism project Stéphane CorlosquetDrupal_and_the_Semantic_web.txt
Rules - new opportunities for site builders! Wolfgang ZieglerRules.pdf A case study on Drupal with the YUI William Lawrence
Introducing Memetracker Kyle Mathewsdrupalcon2008slides.pdf
Developing flexible and modular JavaScript components Konstantin KäferJS components.pdf
Front End Performance – How to make your website blazingly fast Konstantin KäferFront End Performance.pdf
Hack-Proof Your Drupal App - Key Habits of Secure Drupal Coding Hack-proof Your Drupal App.pdf
Deploying and maintaining Drupal sites using the Aegir hosting system. Adrian Rossouwaegir.pdf
Introducing Scald for Social Media in Drupal Tom Wolfscald-presentation.pdf
Getting to grips with CSS James Panton
Enable the Community to improve usability Bèr Kessels
Sex Drupal & Rock n roll : Putting the ümlaud into Drüpal mortendk !
Contrib module Usability Erik StielstraUsability presentation_.pdf | ber_usability_for_developers.pdf
Securing PHP Jakub Suchy
Accessibility Best Practices in Drupal Theming William Lawrenceaccessibility.txt
Support of drupal for RIA like Flex
Drupal in Central Europe: a short history, current status and future Kristof Van TommeDrupalcon in CEU.pdf
Making a useful admin interface Marek Sotakato1-presentationtemplate.pdf
Caching and performance improvements Gerhard Killesreiterszeged-cache-talk.pdf
What is SimpleTest? and SimpleTest Automator: Automated Automated Testing Charlie Gordon
How to hold a Drupalcon Jay Batson
Drupal Development Workflow and Deployment Best Practices Fintan Darragh
Closing remarks Kristof Van TommeDrupalconSzeged2008Closing.pdf
jQuery in Drupal, part 2: advanced Katherine Baileyjquery-presentation-2.pdf | szeged_jquery_drupal.pdf
Creativity and Programming Robin Barrecreative_programming.pdf
IRC Bots Dmitri Gaskin
Drupal world domination: translating interface and content Gábor HojtsySzegedWorldDomination.pdf
User Testing in Drupal Thomas MoselerUser-Testing-In-Drupal-3.pdf
BoF: The future of User Testing in Drupal Thomas Moseler
Indymedia BoF Clara  
Drupal in Libraries Cary Gordon
Drupalosophy 101: Metanarrative Ryan Szrama
Handler objects: A proposal Larry GarfieldHandlers_Presentation.pdf
A Hands-On Guide to Module Development Ryan SzramaHands On Guide.pdf
Website template porting to Drupal 6 - a crash course Gábor
Awesomeness and Drupal Charlie Gordon
Building the Drupal Community around the World: who, why, where and when Joeri Poesenkeeping momentum.pdf
Contributing to Drupal: The DROP Program Charlie GordonDROP.pdf
Strategies for Drupal SME studios Simon Hobbs
Attracting & Retaining Drupal Talent Eric Gundersen
Usability Sprint, Day 3 Roy Scholten
Usability Sprint, Day 2 Roy Scholten
Usability Sprint, Day 1 Roy Scholten
The Views 2 user interface - retracing the design process Roy Scholtenviews2-UI-presentation.pdf
Panels - Today, and the Future Sam Boyerdrupalcon.todayfuture.pdf
Node Templating Jody HamiltonNode_Templating.pdf
Making of a Full flash front-end for luxury e-commerce Perronnet Cedric
Spaces and Context Modules, Tools for Site Building. Jeff MiccolisContext_spaces.pdf
A new aggregator for Drupal 7 Alex Barthag4d7slides.pdf
Using Node Access Ken Rickardusing_node_access_.pdf
Using the Code Review module Stella PowerCoder Presentation Szeged.pdf
Ubercart in Drupal 6 Ryan Szrama
Core node access API - next steps Moshe Weitzman
Introducing Ubercart Ryan SzramaRyan Szrama - Introducing Ubercart.pdf
Creative cross-language MySQL Programming Lenz Grimmer
Performance tuning expert panel Kieran Lalfront end panel.pdf
Drupal association Kieran Lal
MySQL Backup and Security - Best practices Lenz GrimmermysqlBackupSecurity-DrupalCon-2008-08-28.pdf
High availability solutions for MySQL: An Overview and practical demo Lenz GrimmerDrupalCon-MySQL-HA-2008-08-29.pdf | drupal-cluster.pdf
Developing for e-Commerce François-Dominique Armingaud - a worldwide language learning community Jochen Meyeriwanttospeak.pdf
Messaging and Notifications frameworks Jose ReyeroDrupalCon-Szeged2008-Messaging-final.pdf
MediaRSS and PicLens Kristof De Jaegermediarss_and_piclens_drupalcon_szeged.pdf
The Panels API: Diving Down the Rabbit Hole Sam Boyer
Drupal for Museums Tiffany Farrissdrupalcon_museums.pdf
Building Facebook Applications using Drupal Dave Cohenbuilding_facebook_slides_URL.txt
I, Drupal: Leveraging Drupal 7's introspective code registry Larry Garfield
Drupal Databases: The Next Generation Larry GarfieldDBTNG_Presentation.pdf
Page serving and rendering (XHTML/XML/JSON, etc.) - now and Drupal 7 Peter Wolanin
Usability enhancements for Drupal hierarchies (menu links and taxonomy) Peter Wolanin
Install profiles in D7 core and contrib Nathaniel Catchpole
menu system API improvements Peter Wolaninszeged-menu-API-BoF_.pdf
Dos and Don'ts for Designing in Drupal George DeMetDos_and_Donts_version 2.pdf
Drupal Search: Where are we? Where are we going? Robert Douglassrobert-douglass-search_.pdf
Videocast-o-rama Addison Berry
Doc sprint planning Addison Berry
Developer Experience: Because Coders Are People Too! Barry JaspanDeveloper Experience.pdf
Automatic Security Testing with Static and Dynamic Analysis Barry JaspanStatic & Dynamic Analysis.pdf
Field API and Fields in Core Barry JaspanFields in Core.pdf
State of Drupal Dries Buytaertdrupalcon-szeged-dries-buytaert.pdf
Redesign of from the designers
A gentle introduction to Drupal coding Addison Berrygentle-intro-szeged.pdf
Simple Mapping Mashups with Drupal Rebecca White
A Roadmap for Mapping: GIS on Drupal in 2008 and Beyond Rebecca Whitedrupalcon-szeged-gmap-location-presentation.pdf
Imagefield Gallery -- A path to easy galleries in Drupal Kris Vanderwater
BoF: Crafty Drupal Emma Jane Hogbin
Open for (small) Business Emma Jane Hogbinopen4biz-drupalcon_.pdf
Drupal 6 menu system - architecture, do, don't and tricks Peter | menu-szeged2008.ppt
BoF: Porting contrib modules to D6.x Roel De Meester
Making a digg/reddit/properller clone using drupal.
Drupal training and certification Zohar Stolartraining pres.pdf
Testing, part 2: Awesome testing party! Angie Byron
Testing, part 1: Intro to testing Angie ByronSimpletest-szeged.pdf
Summer of Code Showcase Angie Byron
Drupalchix Angie Byron
Add a Display Name field to core in addition to Username Daniel Harris
jQuery in Drupal, part 1: jQuery basics Katherine Baileyjquery-presentation-1.pdf | jquery_demo.rar | what_is_jquery.pdf
Drupal as an Enterprise Web Framework Darren Mothersele
The Knight Drupal Initaitive Ken RickardKDI_Szeged.pdf
FP7: Industry-Academia partnerships and pathways Mixel KiemenIAPP-drupalcon.pdf
Building a Financial Web Application Using Drupal Tobias RatschillerFusu_buddylist.pdf | deployment2.pdf | Szeged.pdf